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How to prepare for winter driving now

Thursday 30th November 2023

The cold can make driving from A to B more challenging than in the warmer months, so it is important to be prepared before the most treacherous weather hits.

Prepare a winter kit for your car

It is more of a possibility that you may become stranded if a heavy snowstorm suddenly falls, or it may just take longer than usual to complete your daily commute. So, it is a good idea to pack a few essential items to keep in the car:

  • Blanket
  • Torch
  • Jump cables
  • Reflective triangle
  • Snacks, preferably non-perishable so they can last you through the winter
  • Water
  • Phone charger
  • Ice scraper
  • De-icer
  • Warm clothing
  • Shovel

Carry out essential checks

When the temperature drops dramatically, this can affect the functionality of certain vehicle elements. Check the following to make sure they are all working correctly to help keep you safe on the road:

  • Lights
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Battery
  • Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure can fall by 1 to 2 PSI for every 10 degrees that the temperature decreases, so it’s important to check your pressures every fortnight throughout winter.

Change your tyres

Your tyres must be in good condition ahead of the winter months. Icy conditions can make stopping distances 10 times longer, so your tyres need to provide the maximum grip possible.

Summer tyres are not designed to perform effectively when the temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius, so it is recommended that you swap these either to winter tyres or all-season tyres.

If you live in a rural area, winter tyres are a better option than all-season tyres as they offer the best all-round winter performance. Our Wintoura range includes 4 patterns suitable for small passenger cars, SUVs, vans and high performance vehicles.

Proven deep within the Arctic Circle, Wintoura’s advanced silica compound and precision-engineered tread patterns deliver enhanced grip and braking.

For less extreme winter weather, all-season tyres can be a great alternative as they offer a combination of summer and winter tyre performance. This is ideal for wet winters, a common occurrence in the UK. The Davanti Alltoura 4-Seasons range has been developed to tackle snow and icy surfaces, but also to be comfortable on the road once this has melted away, giving superior grip on wet and dry surfaces.

Alltoura 4-Seasons features a directional tread pattern to improve traction and braking in wet weather, and the intelligent sipe design provides efficient clearing of water.

Alltoura H/T 4-Seasons – designed for SUVs – features a carefully considered tread block design for stability and durability when carrying heavier loads. The deep longitudinal grooves and large contact patch also provide excellent performance and safety in wet weather.

Both the Alltoura range and the Wintoura range are also 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snowflake) certified, meaning they are suitable to drive on in countries with winter tyre legislation.

For more information, contact your local Davanti dealer.

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