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How do A/T tyres work?

Thursday 28th September 2023

All-terrain tyres, typically referred to as A/T tyres, are designed to offer superior performance in a diverse range of on-road and off-road environments. Often found on larger vehicles such as SUVs, or 4X4’s, A/T tyres provide the best transition of off-road and highway driving performance.

Whether you already have a vehicle with all-terrain tyres or you are looking to get a new set fitted, you may be curious to know the advantages offered by A/T tyres in everyday use as well as what they provide when compared to a regular car tyre.

What are the components of A/T tyres?

A/T tyres consist of large blocks with small sipes cut into them to help retain traction. These are separated by deep grooves, improving the ability to clear away mud, snow and other larger debris you may encounter when venturing off-road. This design aims to be a convenient middle ground between SUV and M/T (mud terrain) tyres.

Can I fit all-terrain tyres?

All-terrain tyres are designed with larger vehicles in mind, particularly those which you may expect to be built for travelling on off-road terrains, such as Campervans, 4X4s, and SUVs.

As long as the fitment exists for your vehicle they may be fitted, however, you should consider how much space you have available in the tyre well. We always recommend reaching out to your local Davanti tyre dealer who will be able to advise you further on which tyres are best suited for your vehicle.

What are the benefits of all-terrain tyres?

They are designed to provide traction on various terrains and road surfaces, including on-road and off-road. All-terrain tyres offer the precision handling and performance of highway tyres while also featuring specially constructed tread support bars. This allows drivers to enjoy the benefits of transitioning from the highway to off-road adventures with ease.

Are all-terrain tyres also all-season tyres?

The market is moving towards this. When developing Davanti’s Terratoura A/T, a factor which made it stand out was its certification for 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake), meaning it is legally certified for driving in winter conditions. It’s now becoming increasingly common, but always be sure to ask an expert whether they have been tested for winter driving before purchasing.

What is 3PMSF?

3PMSF, short for Three Peak Mountain Snowflake, is the best way to know your tyre is equipped and certified to drive in the snow.

This is awarded and certified by the EU to ensure that you can be confident in the safety of your winter and all-season tyres. To qualify, the tyre must be tested by enduring a demanding set of tests for traction, grip, handling and braking in snow, ice and wet conditions.

Terratoura A/T

Davanti offers its own all-terrain option, Terratoura A/T. Engineered to keep moving while off the beaten track, Terratoura negotiates gravel, grass, sand, rock and mud with ease, dispersing debris with every turn so nothing can hold the driver back. Plus, its 3PMSF status means it sits in an exclusive club of A/T tyres certified for harsh winter conditions.

Check out our Terratoura A/T product page, or check out our other growing catalogue of tyres which also includes Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certification on our winter and all-season product pages.

For more information on our 3PMSF range or Terratoura A/T, contact your local Davanti dealer using our dealer locator.

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