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Garage Talk speaks to Pemberton Tyres

Monday 20th March 2023

Owner of Pemberton Tyres and long-standing Davanti customer, Alan Bott, recently talked to Garage Talk about the success of the business and his relationship with Davanti.

Read on for his Q&A…

Q: How long have you been in business?

Pemberton Tyres has been trading for 55 years through 2 generations and with a third taking over for the business to thrive into the future.

Q: How has your client base changed over the past few years?

The client base hasn’t changed much over the years. We do now see multiple generations from the same family who continue to come back to us. A lot of new clients to the business are coming on recommendation of existing ones due to Pemberton Tyres being built on trust and the value-for-money way the business is run daily.

Q: Where do Davanti Tyres rank in your supply chain to customers?

The Davanti Tyres brand makes up 25% of the tyres being sold monthly at the business. To put that into context, 700-800 cars are having work done monthly.

Q: How do you recommend Davanti Tyres?

As stated above Pemberton Tyres works on trust and value for money. The Davanti brand is perfect with its value for money, accident warranty and extensive testing. All this is explained to the clients when they come to purchase new tyres. Other ways the business recommends the Davanti brand is by all the Pemberton Tyres vehicles being driving billboards for the Davanti brands (our van has a Davanti Protoura Sport wrap and the pickup has a Davanti Terratoura A/T wrap). To top it off all the staff and directors’ vehicles have Davanti tyres fitted so everyone in the business can give a true tried and tested recommendation of the brand.

Q: Do you have any success stories?

The business has sponsored a rallycross driver for over 25 years called Tony Lynch. A success story from the rallycross world is from a British Championship round at Silverstone a few years ago. In the week building up to the race a close eye was kept on the weather as it had been forecast for torrential rain all weekend. It was decided to take a set of Davanti’s winter tyres, Wintoura, due to the predicted weather conditions just in case the traditional tyres couldn’t stand up to the amount of water. Once the car was placed on the Davanti tyres they stood up to everything Tony and the British rallycross could throw at them. Tony managed to win the day and that allowed him to win the championship later on in the year.

Q: How excited are you by Davanti’s developments, especially as we move more towards Electric Vehicles?

Pemberton Tyres are really excited about the advancement of new Davanti tyres. I’m loving that Davanti is always pushing the brand and tyre technology as far as possible to meet the needs and expectations of the customer moving forward.

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