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From petrol to electric – with the DX440 van drivers get the job done

Wednesday 17th February 2021

New van sales may have fallen in 2020 but light commercial vans have been vital in keeping economies functioning during the pandemic.

Sales dropped 20% in the UK last year, but demand for deliveries rose rapidly, with online retail rising 36% and a growing need for medical supply transportation.

And as the global van fleet begins the transition to electric, tyre manufacturers need to be prepared to ensure that all vehicles can safely operate to maintain healthcare and retail supply chains and get tradesmen back to work safely as soon as the economies begin to open up safely.

Davanti Tyres is leading the way with its versatile and tough DX440. Engineered to keep the traditional van fleet on the road with longer intervals between replacements, the DX440 remains responsive even under heavy load. It is the ideal tyre to keep van drivers moving.

As van drivers and fleets move to greener technology, they can continue to rely on the DX440 after it was granted 100% OE specification for the LEVC VN5 electric van.

“What van drivers need has not changed,” said Sean Maddocks, Davanti Tyres’ Sales Director for the UK and Ireland.

“They want tyres that operate safely, that are cost-effective and that can withstand both punishing terrain and significant loads. At a time when people are relying on the fleet, whether for medical supplies, home deliveries or emergency repairs – reliability is critical and that is what the DX440 delivers.

“When those drivers, tradesmen and fleet managers decide to make the switch to greener electric power, they will still expect the same performance from their tyres despite the different characteristics of an electric vehicle compared to an ICE van.

“With Davanti they have that consistency, because the DX440 specified on the VN5 is the same tyre they currently fit. It delivers the same outstanding control, comfort and longevity.

“New van sales will pick up but the DX440 is designed for all van drivers. When you need to keep going, Davanti is there with you.”

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