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Enjoy Driving All-Year Round: The Role For All-Season And Winter Tyres

Thursday 15th December 2022

Now that we have entered the cold months of the year, driving can become even more hazardous than usual. Let’s take a look at the role both all-season and winter tyres play when the temperature dips and how they are tried and tested to give drivers confidence on the road in some of the toughest conditions.

All-season tyres

All-season passenger car tyres have been engineered to provide uncompromising performance whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. Earlier this year, we launched our first all-season passenger car tyre – the Alltoura 4-Seasons. The Alltoura 4-Seasons delivers leading performance and balances the key characteristics of winter and summer tyres, without the traditional trade off in performance. Key features include:

Directional tread pattern to ensure reliable winter traction.
A specially formulated compound to deliver an engaging drive with safe and stable performance across a range of temperatures experienced with the changing seasons.
Intelligent sipe design to allow for efficient clearing of water and extra grip on snow and ice while maintaining tread block stability on dry roads.
These engineering innovations allow Alltoura 4-Seasons to tackle snow and icy surfaces, as well as giving superior grip on wet and dry surfaces. The advanced silica compound delivers traction and longevity for year-round lasting performance, providing an economical and practical tyre, removing the need to change between summer and winter tyres.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are designed to offer optimum traction and grip in cold conditions when temperatures fall below 7 degrees. Wintoura, our passenger car tyre, gives drivers maximum security in these cold conditions, after rigorous testing deep within the Arctic Circle. The tyres have 3PMSF certification, which means they are legally approved to be driven on in places with winter tyre legislation. The Wintoura has a directional high-performance winter pattern that provides safety, comfort and fuel efficiency. Its key features include:

  • Two wide circumferential grooves alongside the lateral channels and zig-zag sipes improve traction and lateral grip, dispersing water and increasing grip in icy and snowy conditions
  • Angled tread blocks and varying pitch sizes help reduce noise emission
  • Connected centre rib provides assured steering response in all conditions.

Davanti Tyres, General Manager, Peter Cross said: “We are proud of the winter and all season tyres we have developed. At Davanti, we work incredibly hard to take products from concept to market presenting a tyre that is engineered perfectly for its function, offering limitless possibilities and high levels of confidence, thanks to our engineer’s credentials and rigorous testing process.”

As featured in the latest issue of Tyre Trade News. Check it out here.

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