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Driving heavier vehicles during winter

Wednesday 31st January 2024

Over recent weeks, we have seen an unfortunate mix of winter at its worst, with very high winds, heavy and persistent rainfall and plummeting temperatures. For drivers, it is an unpleasant cocktail that makes for treacherous road conditions, but knowing how to be prepared for it can help drivers feel more in control when things become unpredictable.

How to stop safely

In some ways, driving a heavier passenger car, such as an SUV or a van, can be more problematic on slippery roads. This is due to the sheer weight of the vehicle – while this can be helpful to get going from a standing start due to added traction, it makes it harder for these vehicles to come to a stop quickly as the momentum takes over. This means for any driver in control of a heavier vehicle, it is important to allow for longer stopping distances. For a smooth drive, braking must be done gently and over a longer distance. Any sudden braking, steering or acceleration will cause a loss of control, which can be hard to regain on wet or icy roads.

The importance of correct inflation

Before setting off in wet or icy conditions, tyres should be inflated to the correct levels, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Correctly inflated tyres will provide the best traction and handling, allowing for maximum control.

Check tyre condition

Severely worn or damaged tyres will not offer the best performance or protection on slippery road surfaces. Tyres with worn or damaged tread have reduced water displacement capabilities, which could cause a loss of traction and an increased probability of aquaplaning. The newer the tyre, the better the grip, so it is best to monitor tyre conditions and replace them in good time.

Choosing the right tyres for winter weather

We have a range of winter and all-season tyres that can provide essential safety and performance in winter’s worst weather.

For light commercial vehicles, the Wintoura Van is the ideal choice, and the Wintoura SUV provides essential performance for bigger passenger cars. For those drivers that have difficulty storing seasonal tyres, you can opt for an all-season tyre solution. Vantoura 4-Seasons provides efficiency and all-weather protection throughout the year for light commercial vehicles, and Alltoura H/T 4-Seasons offers the same advantages for passenger cars.

For more information about our tyre range suitable for winter, check out our blog or ask your nearest Davanti dealer.

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