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Don’t fall behind this Christmas, check your tyres

Thursday 28th October 2021

Christmas is coming and with van drivers expected to be under more pressure than ever to keep shelves stocked and stockings full, now is the perfect time for some routine tyre maintenance.

Time is money for the UK’s army of van drivers, so to be forced off the road due to a puncture, wheel damage or simply worn tyres, is detrimental.

But a few simple checks and the right van tyres can not only keep you on the road, but also give you an advantage over the competition!

If your tyres are worn – tread below 1.6mm is illegal but below 3mm you should consider replacing them – grip and braking is reduced significantly, particularly in the wet, cold British weather.

Any tread damage or cracking along the sidewall could mean that your van is more likely to suffer a blow-out at any time, so making sure you have fresh tyres fitted before the busiest time of year is a wise decision.

Whatever your van needs, we have a light commercial tyre just for you. For optimum winter performance our Wintoura Van tyre is designed with a dedicated winter silica compound to retain flexibility and strength in the cold under heavy load.

With grooves and sipes to help dissipate water and generate friction, Wintoura Van gives you ultimate control as temperatures fall below 7°C.

This is in addition to our popular summer van tyre, the DX440. This superb all-rounder has excellent cost-per-mile and offers drivers supreme control. The DX440 is a true workhorse in the light commercial sector, offering a quiet, efficient ride and blending both weight-bearing strength and comfort for drivers putting in major mileage.

Finally we have our newest offering – Vantoura 4-Seasons. As the name suggests, it’s an all-season tyre with an advantage, thanks to its Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake winter certification.

Rigorous testing and development has resulted in the performance of Vantoura 4-Seasons being 90% as effective as a winter tyre in the cold and 98% as effective as a summer tyre in the warmer weather.

These astonishing results mean if you’re looking for a solid all-rounder, Vantoura 4-Seasons is the van tyre for you.

Whichever Davanti van tyre you choose, you can be assured that thanks to our trusted network of authorised dealers you are getting the best value tyres and a premium fitting service.

With Christmas fast approaching, visit our dealer page to find your nearest stockist and make sure you and your van are ready to go when the festive season hits!

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