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Do I need winter tyres?

Wednesday 19th October 2022

The right winter tyre will keep your car safe on icy roads, and help you drive safely through snow and ice.

It’s not a legal requirement for UK drivers to fit winter tyres and as a result, the majority of people drive on their summer tyres all year round.

However, this can compromise safety and stability as summer tyres are specifically designed for warmer weather, providing optimal performance in temperatures above 7 degrees celsius. Once the temperature dips below this, summer tyres are more prone to damage and wear as they become harder and lose traction.

Designed for the conditions

The key difference between summer and winter tyres is the development of the compound. Winter tyres are made with a silica compound, which provides some flexibility that improves traction and grip in slippery conditions, allowing the driver to stay in control.

The tread pattern is also designed with snow, ice and water in mind. It contains deeper grooves and zig-zag sipes to help maintain good contact with the road when the tyre becomes compacted with snow, plus water can be dispersed more easily, preventing aquaplaning.

Stopping distances

Braking can be largely affected when the incorrect tyres are used for the conditions. When driving in snowy or icy weather, the stopping distance can be 10 times longer than in the dry, even when using the correct tyres, so driving on summer tyres in winter can increase the stopping distance even more.

Not just for snow

There is a general belief that winter tyres are only used for snow, but that’s not the case. Winter tyres perform best in cold temperatures generally, plus the tread pattern allows for much better grip in the wet, which is ideal for UK winters.

Wintoura range

Davanti’s winter tyre range, Wintoura, delivers the required handling, grip and braking performance needed in snowy, icy and wet conditions. Available for small passenger cars, ultra high performance cars and SUVs, Wintoura is also 3PMSF certified, which means it is legally approved to be driven on in countries with winter tyre legislation in place.

For more information about which winter tyres are best suited to you, contact your nearest Davanti dealer.

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