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Defy the elements with Vantoura 4-Seasons

Friday 1st October 2021

Introducing our entry into the all-season van tyre market, Vantoura 4-Seasons. The latest product launch in the Davanti range, Vantoura 4-Seasons is a hybrid of summer and winter technical tyre features without compromise, providing 90% equivalent winter tyre performance and 98% equivalent summer tyre performance.

We have dedicated years of testing to the development of Vantoura 4-Seasons to ensure its optimum performance in all weather conditions. Having proven it excels at snow acceleration, wet and dry braking and handling on snow and ice, as well as aquaplaning resistance, we have created a tyre which conquers the extremes.

Why choose an all-season van tyre?

The all-season tyre market in general is still in its infancy in the UK, but there are many advantages to it, particularly for van drivers.

Some drivers underestimate the importance of winter tyres in the UK, as extreme cold temperatures and treacherous conditions rarely occur. However, winter tyres are in fact recommended for temperatures that fall below 7 degrees. The advantage of fitting all-season tyres is that they can stay on the vehicle all year round, eliminating the need to change from summer to winter tyres as the colder weather draws near, meaning van drivers can operate more efficiently.

Key benefits of Vantoura 4-Seasons:

  • Prominent sawtooth sipes featured within the tread pattern ensure critical traction in challenging conditions, designed to actively bite into icy surfaces
  • Deep outer grooves enhance water evacuation and mechanical snow traction throughout all points of treadwear
  • 3 deep longitudinal grooves allow for rapid water evacuation, providing dependable handling on wet surfaces and resistance to aquaplaning
  • Robust carcass construction ensures improved longevity and heavy-load support
  • The tyre is 3PMSF certified, meaning vehicles travelling through EU countries with winter tyre legislation can use them
  • Available in 11 sizes
  • Can be fitted all year round, saving time, maintenance and money

Want to keep moving no matter what? Choose Vantoura 4-Seasons.

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