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Davanti’s Equip Auto debut is truly fantastique!

Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Another first for Davanti Tyres saw the British manufacturer head to Paris to extend its brand reach at the Equip Auto show.

On its maiden appearance at a major French show, Davanti presented its entire range, including the all-terrain Terratoura, ever-growing Wintoura collection and its developmental concept UHP tyre Protoura Sport.

It was more than enough to grab the attention of delegates, with key distributors and dealers from across France, Germany, Benelux and beyond paying special attention to the Davanti stand.

“We have attended a lot of shows this year, all of which have been successful but this was one of the most fruitful,” said Davanti General Manager Peter Cross. “Since 2015 we have been growing at a phenomenal rate, going from a UK-only business to selling Davanti on more than 60 countries worldwide.

“Davanti has now reached the stage where we can compete in larger, more mature markets, as demonstrated by our successful presence in places like Italy and Russia.

“Not only have we developed a range of tyres with excellent ratings and performance characteristics across on-road and off-road applications, but behind that we have built a brand partnership infrastructure to support dealers and distributors to make the most of the product however competitive the tyre market in their territory.

“We are laser focused on establishing Davanti throughout the whole of Europe and the connections we made at Equip Auto will be key to achieving that as we move into 2020.”

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