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Davanti Tyres Secures Tyre Distribution into Italy with Tyres Italia

Monday 24th July 2017

Davanti Tyres secures further expansion into the European tyre market.

Davanti Tyres secures further European expansion as part of their fast-paced global development strategy in signing an exclusive country-wide distribution partnership deal with Tyres Italia SRL.

With Davanti Tyres offering it’s new 2017 Wintoura Tyre range coupled with their extensive summer tyre portfolio, Davanti Tyres are now well positioned for the requirements of the Italian market. Tyres Italia srl has recently been formed solely to focus on sales of the Davanti Tyre brand and growth across Italy.

Tyres Italia SRL corporate headquarters and distribution hub are based in Rimini, and headed up by leading industry expert CEO Ivan Zucchi who comes with an extensive and comprehensive background in the region.

“The newly deployed Tyres Italia team is enthusiastic to start cooperating with Davanti Tires Ltd. Ivan Zucchi, Sales Director Italy, says that after months of accurate market research and analyzing, they are ready to catch-up this challenge, even though it sometimes requires to adapt quickly on changing situations and demand. We already have a quite clear outlook of the years to come, by approaching the Italian market with DAVANTI TYRES DAVANTI TYRES high quality brand and performance tyres, offering an innovative way of doing business to our local distribution partners.”

In May 2017 the Davanti Tyre global team exhibited at the Autopromotec in Bologna, to further establish a strong brand presence, whilst working with Italia Tyres SRL to form their new notable partnership.

Michael Eckert, Davanti Tyres European Sales Director, adds ‘We’ve been engaged in planning and preparation for the new venture over the past 6 months and we’re delighted to bring the discussion to a successful conclusion. Tyres Italia Srl brings together a team with a huge amount of experience in the Italian market. We share the same values and vision for the brand in Italy and have ambitious plans over the coming years and months’.

To discover any further Davanti Tyres opportunities within Italy please directly contact Davanti Tyres on [email protected]

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