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Davanti Tyres Secures Prestigious TÜV SÜD Stamp of Approval

Tuesday 29th August 2017

Whilst developing their range Davanti had clear objectives to bring a safety focused and performance led tyre to the market but to also ensure longevity and comfort are at the forefront of what sets Davanti apart from its competitors.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany and founded in 1866, TÜV SÜD is one of the world’s leading technical service organisations. To be awarded the TÜV SÜD performance certification mark, the tyre must comply with certain threshold values in a programme of demanding tests. Tyre performance is verified in practical tests both on test-rigs, and on-road tests. The programme includes criteria from fields such as driving dynamics, driving safety, operational reliability and environmental properties, and was developed to measure normal user-focused performance criteria. To be awarded the certification mark, the tyres tested must outperform the existing standards and threshold values.

Davanti Tyres have now been awarded the prestigious and highly sought after seal of approval from TÜV SÜD on their DX390. This accolade not only successfully sets Davanti aside as a trusted brand, it also reinforces Davanti’s strong commitment to safety, reliability, and durability. Davanti’s DX390 was tested against several mid range competitors, with a weighted outcome which outperformed all tested rivals in most safety-relevant criteria, like i.e. wet-braking and dry-braking, proving Davanti is a leader in comparison to competitor brands. Due to the close cooperation between Davanti Tyres and TÜV SÜD during the testing process significant improvements on the whole was gained from a tyre quality and performance level perspective.

To achieve the award, Davanti’s world-leading manufacturing plant was also visited and audited several times. The TÜV SÜD independent accreditation and inspection of Davanti’s facilities assists in proving that their European led product development coupled with one of the worlds most advanced production facilities is a winning formula to deliver tyres which surpass traditional ‘mid-range’ brands, not just in terms of value and label scores, but also in terms of performance.

Davanti’s mileage capability was also recently tested by IFV in Germany with results that demonstrate their tyres longevity is equivalent to leading OE standards. The IFV mileage testing coupled with the TÜV SÜD performance certificate now gives the perfect combination of safety and performance along with a low cost of ownership.

“Achieving the highly sought after TÜV SÜD performance mark is a real milestone for Davanti and testimony to the fantastic quality of our tyres. It’s an all-encompassing accolade which includes audits of our production facilities, independent validation of our industry leading label grades, and testing of handling features not covered by the EU labels.

Davanti were tested against some well-established European brands and we were delighted to see that Davanti’s final weighted result outperformed all other reference brands. To come out strongest both in wet and dry handling is an incredible achievement.” Adds Peter Cross, General Manager at Davanti Tyres.

Davanti Tyres is based upon a reputation of ‘innovation, quality and confidence’ reinforced by TÜV SÜD and backed up with Davanti’s ‘accidental damage guarantee’. Davanti is trusted by millions of drivers globally.

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