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Davanti Tyres’ Protoura Sport Range Explained

Wednesday 11th October 2023

This summer, Davanti Tyres, one of the UK’s leading mid-range tyre brands, expanded its Protoura Sport range, launching the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat alongside the original ultra high performance Protoura Sport tyre.

As a motorist, with more choice in the high-performance range, it can be hard to decide which tyre would be best suited for your driving habits. Well, look no further – we’re here to explain the benefits of each tyre, and help you decide which could be best for your vehicle and lifestyle.

The Protoura Sport tyre

Protoura Sport is a bold and innovative tyre design which has been engineered to deliver extraordinary levels of performance. The pattern combines cutting-edge technological features and premium design to guarantee superior levels of grip, endurance and comfort – allowing the driver to be confident behind the wheel and focus on enjoying the ride.
Features of the design include:

  • Maximised contact patch: The solid continuous centre rib transfers cornering forces to the tyre structure and maximises contact with the road.
  • Hydro-dynamic dimples: The rhombus-shaped reliefs disrupt flow closest to the tyre surface, resulting in reduced drag and more efficient water evacuation.
  • Modified outer channels: To minimise road noise output, the Protoura Sport’s outer channels have been engineered with constricted notches.
  • Ribbed and serrated block edges: Under longitudinal force, ribbed and serrated block edges bite into the road and provide an efficiently focused braking force.
  • Innovative trapezoid projections: The inner groove also features innovative trapezoid projections that create low pressure zones and aid the flow of water from the inner groove.

Protoura Sport balances the elements of style and strength to achieve a tyre which is both unique in its sports performance, and professional in its technical capabilities. The unique combination of ultra-high performance and quality is perfect for motorists looking for a sporty drive.

The Protoura Sport DSP Runflat

The latest addition to the range – the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat – has been designed with the technological features and benefits of a runflat in mind, whilst maintaining the ability to deliver extraordinary levels of performance.

Following an extensive testing and development programme at industry leading proving grounds in summer conditions, the new tyre offers peace of mind to motorists – thanks to its runflat technology – and superior levels of grip, endurance and comfort, to allow drivers to excel on the road, whatever the destination.

The tyre has been developed and tested to vehicle manufacturer OE standards, equal to a premium runflat tyre. Davanti has gone above and beyond the standard requirements for runflat testing to ensure optimal performance. In addition to the standard drum test, this includes:

  • Pop-on pressure, ensuring that the tyres are easy to mount onto and dismount from the rim – a typical challenge for runflat tyres – whilst maintaining sufficient force on the wheel for reliable operation.
  • RPA sensitivity test, ensuring the tyre is well within the tolerance bounds of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. This test determines the variance in circumference between inflated and uninflated states, for vehicles that rely on this technology to detect that a tyre has deflated.
  • Rim roll-off test, certifying that the deflated tyre stays mounted to the rim when undergoing lateral forces, a factor that cannot be determined by the standard drum test alone. This test was carried out by performing J turns with a tyre under zero pressure to ensure it remains mounted to the rim as required for OE standards.

Key features of the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat which allow the tyre to deliver leading performance and balance the technical attributes of run flat tyres include:

  • Self-supporting internal sidewall to support the weight of the vehicle and retain the tyre structure when it loses air as a result of a puncture, allowing motorists to safely travel to a nearby garage or place of repair.
  • Lateral and transverse load support when operating at zero inflation pressure.
  • Continued and safe operation at speeds of up to 50mph whilst deflating or deflated.
  • Integrated rim protection to prevent wheel damage.

These engineering innovations make the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat a perfect choice for drivers who are looking for high-performance but tend to drive longer distances and are looking for additional peace of mind.

Davanti Tyres’ General Manager Peter Cross adds: “Expanding the Protoura Sport range means drivers can enjoy our high-performance tyre with the option of choosing a runflat tyre for peace of mind that should they suffer a puncture, they have time to get to a garage or find a safe area to change the tyre.”

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