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Davanti Tyres’ commercial tyre range is adaptable to all conditions

Wednesday 2nd February 2022

We have expanded our commercial vehicle tyres range with a product that conquers the extremes of vehicle application, road surfaces and temperatures – Vantoura 4-Seasons.

Our first all-season van tyre has spent years in development, having been rigorously tested at Test World in Finland and our European Development Centre at Applus IDIADA on; snow acceleration, wet and dry braking, snow handling, ice handling and aquaplaning resistance. Bringing the latest all-season engineering to the van tyre market, Vantoura 4-Seasons combines the performance of two tyres in one thanks to its hybrid of summer and winter technical features.

With prominent sawtooth sipes ensuring responsive handling on surfaces with little traction and a tread compound which stabilises grip no matter the temperature, Vantoura 4-Seasons performs 90% as effectively as an equivalent winter tyre, and 98% as effectively as an equivalent summer tyre.

It also boasts 3PMSF certification, making it suitable to drive in countries with winter tyre legislation.

Vantoura 4-Seasons can keep van fleets moving no matter what, with a durable contact patch and robust construction providing the necessary heavy load support. And with the peace of mind it brings knowing it can be fitted all year round, Vantoura 4-Seasons is the ideal choice for fleets.

Since making its debut at the 2021 Commercial Vehicle Show, the range launched with 11 fitments between 15”-16”. This is soon due to expand, so watch this space.

“All-season tyres have been taking market share from both summer and winter tyres for a few years,” said Gary Cross, Davanti Tyres’ Development Director.

“It was a trend we spotted in 2019 and our research and development team – now based at our European Development Centre at Applus Idiada – have been working tirelessly to develop a product that meets that growing demand. Vantoura 4-Seasons gives van drivers the edge.”

Another versatile product in our commercial range is the DX440. This light commercial van tyre is designed to perform on normal road terrains, as well as on challenging site conditions, while supporting heavy loads without compromising on handling or comfort.

The DX440 is suitable for traditional vans as well as electric. As the OE tyre for the electric VN5 van from LEVC, it’s adaptable to suit heavier load vehicles and different weight distributions that can be expected from electric vans. The range extends to 33 sizes from 13”-17”.

Find out more about our commercial tyres range here.

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