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Davanti Scores a Stunning Goal with World’s Leading Video Game FIFA 19

Thursday 28th February 2019

Christmas is coming and Santa will undoubtedly be making sure his sleigh has plenty of copies of EA Sports’ popular FIFA 19 game to leave under the tree.

This year for the first time there’s a new member of the FIFA family – Davanti Tyres.

The UK-based manufacturer has just entered the second year of a high-profile partnership with Premier League side Everton Football Club. To take the partnership to the next level, for the first time the brand joined FIFA so gamers can get a truly immersive experience.

Davanti ads will play prominently when players visit Goodison Park, just as they do at the real ground, all rendered in incredible 4K.

“The first year of our Everton partnership was truly incredible,” said Sean Maddocks, Davanti Sales Director for the UK and Ireland. “Having such a premium partner had a tangible effect on our brand, helping us establish ourselves as a serious presence in a competitive tyre market.

“It was therefore a natural progression to extend that connection and there is no better way to do that through FIFA 19. As the media and advertising market shifts, it’s important to target our activity in the places where people are, rather than where we expect them to be.

“Across all platforms, FIFA consistently breaks sales records – last year’s game sold more than 24 million copies worldwide. As a brand which is currently sold in 45 countries and growing, working with a partner in Everton with a global presence, the opportunity to reach that audience through this medium is incredible.”

With new products – like the all-terrain Terratoura – coming in 2019 and customer loyalty building as original Davanti customers have started returning to the brand as their tyres need replacing, increasing brand awareness is a real focus for the manufacturer in 2019.

“We have a strong UK dealer network and have forged an impressive international presence since we launched in 2015,” said Sean. “But we are competing against some big established brands in the industry and we need to work hard to disrupt the market and work our way into the consumer consciousness.

“With FIFA, I think we’ve scored the goal of the season.”

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