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Davanti gets behind Lebanese drifter

Thursday 3rd August 2023

Lebanese professional drifter Fadi Boustany showcased his remarkable skills at the first drift event in Lebanon, supported by Davanti Tyres.

Piloting his finely-tuned BMW e46, Boustany had an unforgettable competition, organised by the Automobile and Touring Club of Lebanon (ATCL). Battling in three rounds of intense competition, Boustany’s finesse behind the wheel was evident, claiming 2nd place in the first round, first place in the second round, and a respectable 4th place in the final round.

Boustany returned to his drifting career this year after a four-year absence due to economic challenges, which presented an opportunity for Davanti to get involved. Davanti sponsored Fadi Boustany through local Davanti Tyres importer, Khalife for Oil, who have a keen interest in the sport and have sponsored similar events previously.

As part of the collaboration, Boustany competed on Davanti tyres with Davanti branding on his BMW e-46, thanks to the help of Khalife for Oil. We will be continuing to support Boustany in further ATCL drift events and the LITDC (Lebanese International Tandem Drift Championship), where he will have more opportunity to showcase his skills and compete for the top spot.

The LITDC is a groundbreaking event, marking the first official tandem drift competition in Lebanon.

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