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Davanti Experience is a thrill ride for global distributors

Thursday 26th September 2019

Introducing new customers to the Davanti range has become an annual event for Davanti Tyres.

Davanti customer trips have quickly become the stuff of legend within the tyre industry and the latest one, to Portimão in Portugal’s beautiful Algarve, was a true eye-opener for the newest members of Davanti’s international family.

Having met at the five-star Penina Hotel for cocktails and dinner the previous night, 40 customers began their Davanti Product Experience 2019 in the morning at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve.

Davanti has been the official tyre of the AIA’s Racing School since 2017 and the track laid on a series of driving challenges to test the customers’ mettle.

First up was the Water Wall, a slalom challenge with a difference. Customers were given the wheel of a C-Class AMG Mercedes fitted with the Davanti DX640 UHP tyre.

Their goal was to get up to 60km/h before a water wall appeared from the ground which they had to swerve to avoid, a challenge never before undertaken by corporate clients at the venue.

“It’s a challenging dynamic handling test that really shows how impressive the DX640 is at maintaining handling control at speed in low-grip conditions,” said Davanti General Manager Peter Cross.

Customers were then sent onto the Power Stage – a race on the Autódromo’s kart track in cars, with drivers forced to manoeuvre sharply at speed in either an Alpine A110, or a Mercedes AMG GTC.

Next was a head-to-head, where two drivers again competed against each other in BMW 1 series cars. This drag-style race featured black ice hazards and obstacles to negotiate.

Davanti then moved the action off-road with the Terratoura AT tyre, giving customers from Brazil to Italy the chance to experience what mastery of any terrain truly feels like.

The day was rounded off with a kart race and a chance to drive the full Autódromo circuit in the GTC or the Porsche Cayman, after which the best driver of the day was crowned on the AIA’s fully Davanti-branded podium in the brand’s official corporate box, complete with intro music supplied by the event DJ.

“Bringing our international customers together is important to us,” said Peter. “It’s not just about showcasing our products and new innovations effectively.

“By giving them incredible experiences that they share with other distributors, we also create a great opportunity for them to share ideas and to invest in the global vision of Davanti, to deliver high quality and exceptional performance in everything we do.”

Day two saw customers able to relax and get to know more about the Davanti family on a catamaran tour of Lagos Bay, including a canoe safari into the bay’s cave network and an adrenaline-pumping jetboat ride!

“A Davanti Product Experience is a way to build connections between Davanti distributors,” said Peter. “By building connections everyone connected to Davanti grows and, ultimately, more drivers are able to fit great quality, high performance tyres that offer exceptional value.”

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