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Davanti Dealer of the Month – Tyremen, Hull

Thursday 2nd December 2021

For more than half a century Tyremen has kept Hull moving.

Generations of drivers in the city and across the UK have trusted Tyremen to offer expert advice and service over the last 55 years and now, they have joined forces with us.

Director Chris Sanders explained that over the last decade the business has expanded to offer a wider range of services, but tyres remain at the heart of what Tyremen do.

“For a long time the business was solely tyres,” he said. “We sell and fit them locally around Hull and also sell nationwide for customers to arrange their own fitting. That side of the business has always been really successful.

“But there came a point where we needed to grow. Expanding into fast-fit services was a logical step – by retaining our deep understanding of tyres and adding MOTs, servicing, brakes, wheels etc. we have become a one-stop shop for vehicle maintenance.”

The growth of the business meant that for the first time Tyremen could look to expand into a second site – which they purchased as the first Covid lockdown hit.

“Initially that was not great as everything went really quiet,” said Chris. “People were still figuring out what was happening and most had to stay at home.

“But when things settled down after the first lockdown business picked up strongly and never dropped again.

“We were helping key workers and the emergency services and keeping anyone who needed to be mobile on the road safely. Demand for our services has actually grown, as some of our rivals have either spent time closed or have experienced stock issues.

“Throughout the last couple of years we have remained a reliable presence, ready and able to help every customer.”

We recently worked with Tyremen to upgrade their signage and showcase the full range of Davanti Tyres available, including Protoura Sport, Terratoura A/T and Vantoura 4-Seasons.

“Tyremen has a reputation for making the right recommendations for our customers,” said Chris. “It’s why we have such a loyal base. We’re really pleased to be part of Davanti Tyres’ network and our customers are already buying into the brand. We are already getting a lot of customers asking to try Terratoura A/T by name!”

Tyremen can be found online at tyremen.co.uk.

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