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Davanti Dealer of the Month: Sam Tyres

Friday 25th February 2022

From supercars to music videos, London-based Sam Tyres has built quite a reputation over the years among local residents and beyond, with over 17k Instagram followers and over 40k followers on TikTok.

With famous faces from Love Island and the YouTube scene having been associated with the garage, Sam Tyres has firmly established a trusted name for itself among luxury car fanatics and the wider community.

Sam Tyres is run by Ali Fakih, who has been fitting tyres in North London since 2005. The garage provides a list of services including tyre fitting, refurbishment, alignment as well as valeting options.

Ali said:

“I started working here in 2005, when it was a little garage and it was a small unit. I started to do it up from there. I’ve been running it all the way through to now.”

They recently added impactful Davanti signage to complement the smart interior, having been impressed with the products.

But it’s not just Sam Tyres customers that the Davanti signage has been exposed to, it can be seen on many music videos that have been filmed at the garage.

“At the moment we just have the one sign above the wall. It’s quite focal within the garage so it does get captured quite a lot in filming.”

Ali continued:

“Davanti Tyres have been amazing. I particularly like the Protoura Sport at the moment, it’s an excellent tyre and its premium look and feel is very popular with our customers. The extensive size range also means we can recommend it for a lot of different high performance vehicles.”

Ali and his famous friends have got an exciting trip planned for spring. Travelling from London to Belgium, Sam Tyres will be heading off on its annual rally cruise, which typically sees them showcasing head-turning supercars while journeying through some of Europe’s most luxurious destinations.

This year, Ali and his friends will be taking over 15 supercars, passing through places such as Champagne and Geneva, all while documenting their trip through a dedicated Instagram page set up for the rally. “It’s going to be amazing!”, said Ali.

We will be sponsoring the rally, so watch this space for exciting activity coming up, plus the launch of the rally Instagram page next month!

Check out Sam Tyres on their Instagram and TikTok pages: @samtyres.

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