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Can I use Terratoura A/T in the snow?

Friday 3rd November 2023

Before a tyre can be sold on the market, it must undergo rigorous testing to ensure the safety and performance of the product. With the Davanti Terratoura A/T, our primary focus was to ensure it meets the necessary certifications to handle various conditions, regardless of the weather or season.

Can all-terrain tyres be used on snow?

While the market is moving toward this as a standard on all-terrain tyres, manufacturers are not obligated to certify them for snow and ice. So when you are considering a new tyre for off-roading, you must check it fits your off-roading needs.

Fortunately, with the design of Terratoura A/T, we understand that you need comfort when on the road and performance edge when off-roading all year round.

What makes Terratoura A/T superior on snow and ice?

When developing the Terratoura A/T, a factor which made it stand out was its certification for 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake), meaning it is legally certified for driving in wintry conditions. To achieve this certification, Terratoura A/T was tested rigorously in the most demanding arctic conditions in Finland.

Assisted by a blend of off-road capability and on-road comfort and control, Terratoura A/T is a tyre that you can depend on to excel in the snow. Using its 5-rib pattern tread design, Terratoura A/T offers traction and all-season reliance with the centre point keeping stability, the grip on uneven ground and the shoulder blocks providing all-weather traction.

What are 3PMSF and M+S?

  • 3PMSF – Short for Three Peak Mountain snowflake, this is the best way to know whether your tyres are certified for ice and snow. Awarded by the EU for enduring a demanding set of winter tests, Terratoura A/T earned this certification, meaning it provides superior traction, grip, handling and braking in snow, ice and wet conditions.
  • M+S – M+S (mud and snow) indicates the manufacturer has labelled the tyre suitable for snowy or muddy conditions, usually matched with the 3PMSF symbol for a little extra clarity. M+S alone doesn’t ensure its capability in cold conditions, as the manufacturer does not need to go through the same stringent winter testing to be certified.

Beyond snow, Terratoura A/T is also engineered to keep moving while off the beaten track, negotiating gravel, grass, sand, rock and mud easily, dispersing debris with every turn so nothing can hold the driver back.

Check out our Terratoura A/T product page, or check out our other growing catalogue of tyres, which also includes Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certification on our winter and all-season product pages.

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