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Bespoke vehicle design house Sterling chooses Davanti as official tyre partner

Friday 31st January 2020

Premium custom vehicle house Sterling Automotive Design and Davanti Tyres have agreed a groundbreaking partnership.

Blackburn-based Sterling is a new design house specialising in reimagining iconic vehicles and enriching them with British style.

Their work includes bespoke full-vehicle, premium customisations and lighter-touch enhancements to external bodywork or upholstery.

If you want your vehicle to make a statement, Sterling has the vision and skill to make that a reality.

Making a statement has been the Davanti way since the brand first launched in 2015 and for Sterling Brand Director Doug Topott, partnering with the brand made perfect sense.

“Davanti and Sterling share many values,” he said. “We are both British brands with a similar ethos.

“Sterling aims to take iconic vehicles and inject them with an individual, uniquely British sense of style. We want people to see and recognise a vehicle, but for it to be apparent that it is very different. We make every vehicle special.

“Aesthetically Davanti’s range of tyres have exactly the right look to complement Sterling’s own design cues. It may seem unusual to consider the look of tyres on a vehicle but they are very visible. When you are creating the lines and shapes that we are, the tyres need to look like they belong and Davanti tyres do.

“The other vital aspect of the partnership is performance. Sterling customers want to stamp their individuality on a vehicle, but they also love driving and they want to get the best performance.

“When we researched Davanti’s intensive testing programme and saw the results across their range we knew that this was the right tyre brand for us.”

Davanti Tyres’ Sales Director for the UK and Ireland Sean Maddocks said that the partnership broke new ground for the tyre brand.

“From the very beginning Davanti has committed itself to producing high performance tyres that are comparable to established brands in all ways, from practical performance to premium looks.

“By creating a new partnership with Sterling Automotive we are underlining the exceptional level of quality and design that goes into every one of our products.

“We are proud to join forces with Sterling and are excited to see where this partnership will take both brands as we move forward.”

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