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4 reasons why it’s important to use the correct tyres this winter

Friday 10th November 2023

Winter and all-season tyres play an important role in ensuring road safety during the colder months, and even in many countries, their use is a legal requirement. However, if you are unfamiliar with the concept of seasonal tyres, you may not understand why it is necessary to change from your summer tyres. In this article, we will explore four reasons why using the appropriate tyres during winter is a wise decision.

What are winter tyres and all-season tyres?

First, we need to understand what winter and all-season tyres are. Winter tyres are tailored to the extremes encountered in the colder months, offering superior traction, performance and control in ice and snow.

Similarly, all-season tyres are also designed to provide these qualities, aiming for 90% of the performance of a winter tyre and 98% of the performance of a summer tyre, striking a perfect balance between both seasonal tyre types as a convenient all-year-round option for those still wanting confidence in their tyres.

1) Better performance in the cold

In colder sub 7°C temperatures, winter and all-season tyres provide superior grip when compared to traditional summer tyres. Unlike summer tyres, winter tyres have a special rubber compound designed to retain the flexibility of the rubber during winter driving conditions. This is matched with a siped tread engineered to hold in the snow.

2) 3PMSF Certification

As of 2018, all winter and all-season tyres must have the mandatory 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) certification, which is an indication that the tyre is tested under a series of EU demanding tests, covering traction, grip, handling and braking in snow, ice and wet conditions.

Alltoura, Wintoura and Terratoura feature the 3PMSF certification, tested in the most extreme arctic conditions in Finland, making Davanti a perfect choice for winter and all-season driving.

3) Improved winter braking performance

During the winter season, all-season tyres provide better braking performance in comparison to summer tyres. This leads to a significant reduction in the braking distance by several metres. Subsequently, you can drive with more confidence even on unpredictable winter roads and have peace of mind knowing that you are safe.

4) All-season tyres provide all-season confidence

Whether you do not have the storage space or wish to avoid the inconvenience of swapping out your tyres once the seasons change, all-season tyres still provide all the features mentioned above with increased performance, safety and traction.
Our winter and all-season range:

Terratoura A/T

Our all-terrain tyre is not just suited to tackling tricky surfaces, it is 3PMSF approved, which means the adventures do not need to stop when the temperature turns colder.
Regardless of the changing seasons, Terratoura A/T can provide performance both on and off-road all year round, no matter the conditions.
With its blend of off-road capability and on-road comfort and control, Terratoura A/T is a dependable tyre that excels on asphalt, sand, mud, gravel and grass.
Its’ 5-rib pattern design ensures traction in all weather, while the shoulder blocks and tread centre point retain stability and grip on uneven ground.

Alltoura 4-Seasons

Our first all-season passenger car range makes difficult driving conditions manageable. Alltoura 4-Seasons and Alltoura H/T 4-Seasons balance the key technical features of both winter and summer tyres to deliver all-round, strong cross-climate tyres that consistently perform.

The benefit of all-season tyres is they can be fitted in summer or winter, and take you through the year.
To cater for bigger and heavier passenger vehicles, Alltoura H/T 4-Seasons offers a carefully considered tread block design for stability and durability, as well as solid outer shoulder blocks for a precise steering response.

Vantoura 4-Seasons

Fleets need a tyre they can rely on all year round, and so Vantoura 4-Seasons has been designed with a robust construction and durable contact patch to improve longevity and keep vehicles on the road.
Similar to Alltoura, Vantoura’s solid outer block section provides stability and resistance to damage, whilst its’ sawtooth sipes actively bite into icy surfaces for grip. Plus, its’ 3PMSF status can provide confidence to businesses that their operations can keep moving, no matter the weather.


Our Wintoura range caters to every drivers’ needs, from smaller passenger cars, SUVs, and high-performance vehicles to light commercial vans. All 3PMSF certified, regardless of the journey style, drivers can feel assured taking on icy and snowy roads.

  • Zig-zag sipes improve traction and lateral grip.
  • Angled tread block edges and varying pitch sizes help reduce noise levels.
  • Connected centre rib provides assured steering response.
  • UHP asymmetric tread pattern with a high-performance carcass construction for precise handling and a comfortable ride.
  • Three-dimensional sipes and lateral grooves deliver excellent braking performance in winter conditions.
  • Three main non-uniform circumferential grooves and solid-joined outer blocks provide efficient water dispersion and precise steering.
Wintoura SUV
  • Three-dimensional sipes, circumferential jagged grooves and lateral channels provide efficient water dispersion and extra grip on snow and ice.
  • Angled tread blocks provide riding comfort and a quieter drive.
  • High-traction centre rib gives an assured steering response.
Wintoura Van
  • Symmetric tread pattern designed for high traction and good braking performance
  • Robust carcass construction remains flexible and adaptive

For more information about our 3PMSF-certified tyre range and the benefits of 3PMSF certification, contact your local Davanti dealer using our handy dealer locator.

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