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The launch and success of Davanti has already made a massive impact in the British and Irish industry in just over a year of trading. With sights set on the rest of continental Europe, Davanti held a massive Product Experience trip at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve to entice new distribution partners as well as let some of their Performance Centre dealers test the tyres in extreme scenarios. 

Sean Maddocks, Sales Director to the UK and Ireland, says “A lot of our dealers and distributors are given test sets to help convince them of Davanti’s quality but you can’t push a tyre to its limits on normal roads. That’s why this Product Experience trip to the Algarve is so vital - it allows everyone to truly put our tyres through their paces in various tests”

The DX390’s stopping prowess was displayed in a ‘Moose’ test in which drivers had to swerve and do an emergency stop. Although designed primarily for on-road applications, the DX-740 had no problems taking on the hilly dirt roads of the Algarve. 

The star of the trip was the Ultra High Performance DX640 pattern which was used to showcase its wet grip and control during a drift test on a skid pan. On the kartodromo track, it also impressed participants with its dynamic control as they navigated tight corners and twists of the kart circuit in a performance car.

However, the event everyone looked forward to was the actual Autódromo track where participants HAD a chance to truly push the DX640. With a variety of cars like the Audi TTS, Ford Mustang, Civic Type R, BMW 4 Series and Porsche Cayman S, the DX640 pattern proved its performance engineered design true. 

Adam Shiels from Russell Shiels Tyres says “It’s always great to know the tyres you’re selling and how they perform. After this trip, I’ll be able to tell my customers that not only can Davanti tyres handle your everyday road conditions easily, but they will perform well when put through their paces.”

The second day of the trip was more relaxed as the entire group went out for scenic drive in a convoy of 25 Mercedes all fitted with DX640’s. The luxurious drive featured a cruise on a catamaran, lunch at a nice hilltop restaurant and was finished off with a wine tasting at a local vineyard.  

Miguel Praia, Racing School Director at Autódromo Internacional do Algarve says "The Davanti tyres were really tested and pushed to limits you wouldn’t really experience in real world driving and they handled the challenges beautifully. The DX640 handled the track exceptionally well and offered great control on the skid pan - one of the best tyres I’ve tested in the wet."

Sean adds “We’ve been getting nothing but positive feedback from everyone that came out. It’s been a fun and successful trip that even a local wildfire couldn’t ruin and I think everyone will remember it for a long time.”

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