The Group started in a humble wooden shed by Roy and Daisy Hammond in 1962 as a way to help the local community get the automotive service they need.

The drive to provide great and innovative services has led the Group to grow to nine premises and nearly 250 employees. Hammond Tyres, part of the group and now a Davanti Performance Centre, made the Davanti decision in October and isn’t looking back. 

Keith Manders, Tyre Department Manager at Hammonds Tyres, says “We were originally a bit hesitant when approached as Davanti is a new brand, but after seeing the testing results from IDIADA, combined with all the positive feedback we’ve been getting by our customers, we’re sold on the brand.”

Keith added “The support we get from the brand and their local distribution partner is second to none, I see this as the beginning of a very successful relationship.”

As a Davanti Performance Centre, Hammond Tyres benefit from the full dealer package including beapoke POS material and signage, branded uniforms, preferential pricing and a special incentive and reward scheme.

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