Davanti has recently taken two of its most popular tyres and put them through their paces at IDIADA, Europe’s most comprehensive independent proving grounds. The DX390 & DX640 were tested for their performance capabilities in the following areas; dry braking, dry handling, wet braking - on Asphalt with ABS, longitudinal aquaplaning and wet handling.

The testing of all Davanti tyres for their EU label grading has been carried out by IDIADA prior to being sold in the UK. IDIADA is a multinational company that provides design, engineering, testing and homologation services to the automotive industry.

In addition to providing testing service to tyre manufacturers, IDIADA are one of just three independent test laboratories in the world to be members of the European Union’s Expert Group on laboratory alignment.

The testing provided insight in to how Davanti performs relative to other tyres on the market. The results of testing are as follows:

  Premium     Davanti      Mid-Range Budget     
Dry Handling 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Dry Braking 1st 3rd 2nd 4th
Wet Handling - Objective 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Wet Handling - Subjective 1st =2nd =2nd 4th
Wet Braking 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Longitudinal Aquaplaning 1st =2nd =2nd 4th

Peter Cross, Davanti General Manager said: “Davanti tyres combine expert engineering, advanced manufacturing processes, extensive testing and progressive development. Our European led product testing goes far beyond the mandatory testing.

“We put our tyres through rigorous test regimes to ensure they deliver safe and predictable handling and a comfortable drive. Our tyres allow the driver to get the most out of their vehicles performance capabilities, and therefore deliver excellent value for money to users.”

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