Davanti and its dealers star on the TV screen

Davanti has always offered its dealers great quality performance tyres in addition to innovative methods of dealer support. From classic point of sale material to bespoke signage, Davanti is taking its support to the next level by adding branded TV programming. 


Working together to capture and combine both Davanti’s and the dealer’s message, bespoke imagery and advertisements are designed to run alongside regular TV programming on smart TVs.


Sean Maddocks, Sales Director to the UK and Ireland says “While the customers are waiting for their tyres to be fitted or other work done, watching TV is a great way for them to make the time pass. Why not take advantage of that and have your branding be a part of their focus.

“Ultimately, our dealers’ success is our success so we strive to work together with our dealer network and give them the best support possible.” 

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