Changing UK attitude to winter tyres could save lives and boost economy

Over the next few months, as usual, millions of drivers across Europe will change their summer tyres for winter.

But not here. In the UK drivers tend to stick with their summer tyres all year round. If the winter is mild that is usually OK but recent years have seen an increasing number of extreme weather events. So is it time for the British driver to reconsider winter tyres?

Davanti’s Wintoura tyre has proved popular since it was launched last year, so much so that this year it will add 40 new sizes to its Wintoura, Wintoura+, Wintoura SUV and Wintoura Van ranges.

But the UK market has still not fully embraced winter tyres. Last winter the Beast from the East and Storm Emma combined to cost the UK economy £1 billion per day for a week before Christmas. Disruption continued into January.

A significant part of this was down to gridlocked roads caused by snowfall, flooding and road accidents or people being snowed into their homes.

And while the worst impact of these storms could not be avoided, the number of days lost to these events could have been significantly reduced had more drivers been running winter tyres.

“The Wintoura range is designed to operate best in cold temperatures,” said Davanti General Manager Peter Cross. “Its advanced silica compound is formulated to not harden in sub-zero temperatures and optimised to perform at a lower peak operating temperature than a summer tyre.

“Add to that our carefully engineered tread pattern, featuring 3D sipes and both latitudinal and longitudinal channels to clear water and slush from the contact area and you have a tyre that is stable and reliable in very cold wintry conditions.”

By offering more grip and control in standing water and snow, the Wintoura makes driving - and stopping - in inclement conditions safer, reducing the risk of accidents and also the number of lost days due to bad weather.

“The most severe weather events at their worst stop everyone in their tracks,” said Peter. “But the impact on drivers and businesses can be reduced by having the right tyres fitted to ensure roads can be safely driven in much worse conditions than a summer tyre could handle.”

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